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Traveling Peace Mug Project
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This mug intends to spend this year traveling the world in the spirit of the 2021 UN Year of Peace and Trust. Who will use this simple and common cup and then entrust it to a friend to do the same? Five cups have been made for this project.
A few special people have agreed to start its journey by using it then passing it onto someone else to enjoy. That person would do the same. The journal will accompany the mug to document each stop along the way. At the end of 2021 the mug will be shipped back to me to hand over to the original owner to keep. I will keep the journal that documented its journey and publish some of the highlights on this website and Instagram and Facebook using the #travelingpeacemug hashtag.
Wheel formed porcelain, fluting carved when leather hard, with a copper celadon glaze fired in an electric kiln to 2250F. Hand made felted journal by Chad Alice Hagen, Asheville, NC.
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It is rare for an artist to work in isolation and be limited to the materials and 
influences of their area. My influences, techniques and materials span the globe: the kaolin in my porcelain is from Cornwall, England, other clays from KY and GA. Glaze materials from Canada, Arizona and Africa. My electric kiln is from Seattle and my wheel from California. Porcelain originated in China before being discovered, favored and produced by the Europeans. My introduction to porcelain pottery was through David Leach, noted Devon potter. He showed me the fluting technique used on this mug, using a broken hacksaw blade. The journal was handmade by my friend and fellow artist, Chad Alice Hagen using wool form New Zealand and felting techniques originating in central Asia. We are so connected to the world and each other in our lives; let us celebrate it!