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Cremation Urns
Over the years I have had many cremation urns requested and ordered. Each one is custom made to fit tastes and size requirements. I can make them from stoneware and porcelain finished with underglaze painting or wood-fired with glazes. I would be happy to discuss special requests concerning style, decoration and sculptural additions. Prices start at $250.
Cremation Urns can be made any size you choose.
Smaller memorial urns can be made for families wishing to distribute ashes or for pets.
Cremation Urns can be further customized with calligraphy transfers.
There are many floral decorations to choose from.  I am often asked to custom paint floral choices.
For many of my wood-fired stoneware urns I will add an inner lid. This may be permanently sealed after filling.
Sculptural additions are sometimes requested. such as this hummingbird urn. The top is carved porcelain, high fired without glazes.
Call or email to discuss design, price and delivery schedule:  828-698-8775  voorheespottery@gmail.com
Urns vary in sizes but most are designed to fit into internment crypts.  Arlington National Cemetery requires that the urn not exceed 9" x 9" x 9" in size. The urns pictured here vary above and below these measurements.
 Please inquire about sizing needs, I would be glad to work with you to fit your requirements.
Please email me for photos and prices about urns that I have completed in stock.