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Wood-fired car kiln, constructed in 2009, reconstructed firebox 2015
David designed and constructed his unusual wood-fired car kiln in 2009.  The 60 cubic foot kiln is fired using 1 1/2 cords of mixed waste wood from local sawmills and his property, taking about 24 hours to reach a top temperature of 2300F to 2400F.  The kiln is infused with a soda ash/hot water mix.
A pizza oven was added late in the design/building process and has proved to be a great idea and sure bet on plenty of helpers.
My web album of building the original kiln in 2009 seems to have disappeared! I'll link it again when I find out where it is.
David's interest in wood-fired kilns has led to his creating a Pinterest board on the subject.  Click here to link to this extensive visual library.
From my November 2013 firing: before and after, transformation of fire and high heat.
Email David at:  voorheespottery@gmail.com
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Repair and redesign project spring/summer 2015.
After 22 firings over 5 years the kiln needed some work done on it. I decided to redesign the firebox adding grate bars and a side loading door. The kiln is firing well with the improvements and getting excellent results.
The original wood-fired car kiln built in 2009 and fired 22 times with great success.
The rebuilt kiln is back and firing again. It features an expanded and improved firebox, new floor, access to a mini-anagama chamber, and expanded pizza oven.  The trolley door and floor have been rebuilt and a high alumina brick floor added.
I was honored to have a visit to my kiln and studio by master potter Takashi Nakazato and his apprentice Fumiko Nagai from Japan. They are guests of Michael Sherrill working in his studio for several weeks in January 2016.